Circle of Hope

Social Responsibility

Charles River Apparel's garments are imported from various countries around the globe. The company takes great pride in their factory partnerships – some that have lasted over 20 years. The company is firmly committed to working with overseas factories that are compliant with internationally accepted labor principles, including a ban on child labor as well as forced labor. Charles River Apparel is an upstanding affiliate of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), category C. To learn more about the Fair Labor Association visit www.fairlabor.org.

As a supplier in the FLA, Charles River Apparel cooperates, commits, and complies with the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct to help ensure that workers receive fair treatment from their employers. Charles River Apparel also utilizes independent inspectors and sends Production Department employees from Massachusetts to visit their various factories.

Notice to Distributors: Donation of Returned Items via the Charles River Cares™ Program
Charles River Apparel is proud to run the Charles River Cares™ Program which has utilized thousands of returned, damaged and distressed apparel to help those in need across the country and internationally. Notice to all Distributors: Any decorated items you are returning may be used in conjunction with this program. If you do not wish your goods to be used in this program please email us at mkt@charlesriverapparel.com and indicate your company name and return authorization number and clearly indicate that you “do not wish to have your goods donated.” You will receive a confirmation from us specifically addressing your request, confirming that the goods will not be donated or re-used in any manner.