“Our mission is to create a community and environment that is passionate about giving back,” says Deb and Barry Lipsett, owners of Charles River Apparel.  “For a family-owned company like Charles River Apparel,” continues Lipsett, “having the opportunity to give back allows us to think beyond what we sell.”

Employees at Charles River Apparel are always encouraged to volunteer and give back to the community. As an organization, we have multiple opportunities to give back to local charities. However, we understand that our employees may want to give back to other organizations outside of these partnerships. As such, we’ve created an Employee Volunteer program. Launched in 2016, it has given employees the opportunity to give back to their charity of choice. Whether it’s a partnership we’ve formed within the organization or another charity that our employees are passionate about, our goal is to always give back and support our community.

While the company takes pride in their ability to donate in-kind and monetary donations to various organizations, the real value is when Charles River Apparel employees can volunteer and take part personally in the charity. Charles River Apparel strives to continuously think outside the box and formulate creative partnerships to increase support and build successful sponsorships for the charities they are involved in.