Since 1983 we have customized garments for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses across all markets, teams, and major events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

We make creating your custom apparel a breeze. From decorating your order overseas, to creating a custom color in an existing style, or making a completely new garment all your own, our goal is to find the best possible solution for you and your team. 


    Prefer an existing style already in the Charles River Apparel line? Meet the preferred minimums and bring that style in ‘as-is’ – either blank or decorated – and save.

    Streamline the process and save even more by partnering with us to decorate your order overseas. We can add your customer’s private label to any Charles River Apparel style.


    See something you like? Take an available Charles River Apparel style and modify aspects such as zipper pulls, tags, printed lining, or re-color to the PMS color of your choice.

    Prefer private labeling? No problem! We can add your client’s custom label to any Charles River Apparel garment. Also, take advantage of possible savings by decorating overseas.

  • 100% CUSTOM

    With an in-house designer and experienced production team, our customization options are endless! Start from scratch or bring in a sample you like, we’re here to help bring your designs to life.

    The same professionalism, passion, and attention to detail that goes into every single Charles River Apparel product will be directed into your custom designs.

    Our team of Custom Specialists has you covered, whether you’re looking for a special color, specific features, private label or primarily focused on hitting a particular price point.


    Our convenient, overseas or in-house decoration solutions simplify your decoration process. All of our styles in our line are designed to be decoration-friendly. We make your life easy – one point of contact, one invoice, and one shipment.


“Our Make It Yours program is the premier custom apparel experience in our industry. Our team of design and production experts passionately guide our customers through the entire custom process. Our ultimate goal for each customer is to easily and efficiently produce a unique garment that specifically exceeds their client’s expectations while highlighting their brand.”

- Gary Schwartz, New York Acount Executive

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