We want your experience with Charles River Apparel to be as seamless, accurate, and convenient as possible.

That’s why we’ve implemented several of the useful digital tools & solutions listed below.

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PromoStandards is the leading framework set by a group of promotional products suppliers and distributors that have worked together to provide easy data exchange through a common set of web services.

We are fully compliant and ready to implement the following web services:

· Inventory
· Order status and shipment notification
· Media content
· Purchase orders

Please contact your sales representative to coordinate access.



EDI is a standard electronic format that replaces paper-based documents such as purchase orders or invoices. By automating these transactions, organizations can save time and eliminate costly errors caused by manual processing.

Below are the documents supported by Charles River Apparel:

· EDI850: Purchase Order
· EDI855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement
· EDI810: Invoice
· EDI856: Ship Notice/Manifest
· EDI997: Functional Acknowledgement

Please contact your sales representative to coordinate access.

FTP Feeds

FTP Feeds

Charles River Apparel provides product content in .CSV format. These data feeds are “snapshots” of data made available through FTP and updated three times daily (at 9am, 12:15pm, and 6pm EST). In addition to the data, we provide a zip file of all our product images in a folder named Images.Zip to publish on your site as needed.

Find the files provided below:

· Inventory_Snapshot_Active: In-stock items that we sell regularly
· Inventory_Snapshot_Phase-out: Discontinued items that we are selling down and have limited future receipts
· Inventory_Snapshot_Obselete: Closeout items that we are selling down with no future receipts

Note: On lower inventory items, we suggest ordering online through our website, or by contacting Customer Service, to ensure available inventory is reserved for your order.

Please contact Customer Service or your sales representative for access credentials.

Resource Library

Resource Library

For more digital tools and solutions, visit our Resource Library page to access key marketing tools, files, and brand assets:

· NET Price Sheet
· MAP Price List
· Decoration Resource Book
· Decoration Guide
· Fit Guide
· Brand Guidelines
· UPC List


Our team of integration experts will work with your IT staff to implement the best technology option for your business needs.


Contact your sales representative or Customer Service to get started.

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